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This page provides information about the ongoing evolution of The Impact Database.

At the bottom of this page, there’s a list of activities that we’ve completed or which we are working on. For the most part, these concern gathering and presenting impact related data.

If you’re interested in our evolution or are considering supporting our work, we hope that this page provides some transparency around what we’re working towards.

If you’d like to get involved and help out, please get in touch.

Milestones To Date

Initial project development: setup Metabase and database and populated both with some initial datasets of interest

Developed conversations with data providers. Website developing with plan for onboarding to data publishing platform mid-June

V1 of website is released on new hosting allowing us to directly embed and visualise data from an external database (it’s all about the small wins!)

Please Share Your Ideas

If you have idea(s) for how we could be doing this better – or just brainwaves for how impact could be a more engaging space – then please don’t hesitate to share them.

You can use the contact form here.

Project Roadmap

id Category Activity Status Description Status ETA
1 Data management Data management architecture Not started Trialling data warehouse technologies with AI/ML capabilities Not started
2 Data engineering Live data integrations In progress Integrating live foreign exchange (FX) rates and stock prices using APIs. These feeds will be used for dynamic calculation of datasets that involve multiple currencies or (in the case of stock rates) to show correlations between impact performance and current market rates. Scoping
3 Data engineering Github data pipeline Not started Creating an automated Github to PostgreSQL data pipeline with a staging functionality for inbound data review Not started
4 Data management Cleaning of existing data Ongoing Cleaning datasets that have already been databased (for example, converting countries written in UPPERCASE to sentence case) Ongoing
5 Relationship building Data community engagement Ongoing Engaging with the open access and data visualisation communities
6 Financial Fundraising Not started Financial scoping and fundraising activities including non-profit registration
7 Financial Vendor quote acquisition In progress Receiving quotes from key technology partners and vendors for optimised services
8 Data engineering JSON to Postgres In progress Transforming data from data sources that are provided as JSON-serving APIs
9 Data visualisation Data visualisation Ongoing Searching for better ways to visualise data on our current Wordpress frontend
10 Data visualisation Geovisualisation In progress Enriching existing data with GeoJSON and testing out geovisualisation systems
11 Data gathering Compiling datasets In progress Compiling datasets: outcomes funds, impact bonds, data organisations
13 Administrative Availability in PRC Not started Working on making the website available in the People's Republic of China (PRC)
14 Data engineering Building API layer over data tables In progress Building an API layer over all public-facing data tables/resources. Testing endpoints and working on frontend frameworks for presentation.
15 Data engineering Tech specs In progress Listing technical details about the project for prospective integration partners and those currently in dialogue
Category Status