What Are ‘Impact Stories’?

‘Impact stories’ is our name for some of the visual elements that are used in this site to articulate some of the ideas that impact endorses for improving our world.

We believe that the only bad storytelling experiment is the one you didn’t think to try.

We created these visual narratives to try to explain the complexities of impact in a way that went far beyond the comfortable confines of presenting data in tables and documents. In a way that’s what this whole project is about. But it finds particular resonance in these short creations.

The stories feature animals (but mostly sloths!) that were generated using OpenAI’s DALLE3 text-to-image algorithm.

We try to use these digital inventions to do justice to the story of impact.

Latest Impact Stories

  • Outcomes Funds

    Outcomes Funds

    What are outcomes funds and how does paying for outcomes differ from fee for service commissioning? This page covers both topics.

  • Impact – The Big Idea

    Impact – The Big Idea

    Impact: So What’s The Big Idea, Then? This impact story provides a general overview of what ‘impact’ is all about. It was originally used as the text on our homepage but then we realised that it was probably a bit too long! Reading time is about 5 to 10 minutes. If you’re the parent of…

  • The Story Of Impact

    The Story Of Impact

    The Story Of Impact A visual essay to explain some of the key tenets of the impact movement Estimated reading time: 15 minutes Text: Daniel Rosehill Graphics: DALLE3 / OpenAI Other Credits: See End On The Menu: Here’s How To Read This Impact Story: To Read, Just Keep Scrolling Down ⬇️ This page is one…

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