About The AI Photos

Why This Website Has Lots Of AI Sloths

The delightful digital denizens who make this website the visually unusual experience that it is were generated using the DALLE3 text-to-image AI model.

The human behind this website chose sloths both because he loves them (does anyone not?) but also because sloths are regarded by some as sort of icons of the sustainability movement.

For one, they’re kind of the reigning champions of the “consume less” movement, at least in the jungle. Less happily, they’re directly challenged by many of the dynamics that impact tries to confront, among them deforestation.

The addition to add the sloths wasn’t taken capriciously. Policy material about sustainability is often somewhat intimidating. At other times, the sometimes dire prognostics of humanity’s future are rather sobering, sometimes even depressing.

We think that these permanently cheery animals remind us why even when the battle might seem like climbing a mountain, it’s a fight that we must win. If not for our own sake, then for that of the planet and its many wonderful inhabitants.

Now and again, we’ll add some of them to this page for people who just enjoying looking at the cartoons.

The ImpactDB AI Sloth Photo Gallery!

Creepy Imaginary Office Photo…

Advocacy Imagery For Reuse

We use AI generated images to try to raise awareness about important global issues!

Please feel free to reuse these for this purpose.

You should be able to click through to download the original image in full resolution.

OpenAI provides guidelines about appropriate credits here.

Although nobody will mistake these generations for real (we think!?), it’s still best practice to attribute and specify the algorithm used (unless otherwise stated, DALLE3).

This AI generated picture of a sloth pointing to corporate graphics while an (all male) board looks on approvingly was created to help illustrate the danger inherent in allowing companies to self-report on sustainability metrics.

Message: Access To Clean Drinking Water

Few images feel as wrong as seeing a sad looking sloth 🙁

This image was created to communicate that many in the world do not have access to clean drinking water.

If you would prefer to create your own caption (or leverage this however you see fit), here’s the original generation:

The banner imagery for this website was (itself) generated using AI!

This visual shows data in the foreground against a beautiful forest at sunrise in the background.

It’s intended to highlight the connection between charts and numbers and the real world they often refer to.

Message: The Value Of Good Healthcare

This visual was created to try to communicate that lifespans have risen throughout the developed world over the course of the 20th century.

Message: The Sad, Perverse Realities Brought About By Climate Change

This visual was an attempt to highlight some of the ways in which climate change is creating unwished-for realities.

Here, we see one penguin applying suncream labelled SPF 50 onto another.

The penguin does not look thrilled by the prospect!

… these ones were just for fun!