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Queries About Data

We encourage those considering reporting on findings contained in the datasets and analyses herein to get in touch with the data-authoring entities who are best-placed to answer questions regarding the data and who will be able to verify and numbers or provide updates.

They might also be quicker than our support rep (left).

Permission & Usage Requests:

Permission is granted to reproduce any data visualisations shared on this website as well as any other original elements created by ImpactDB (including textual elements like analyses).

To reproduce the original data, contact the data authors or check its licensing terms (much data in this space is licensed under Creative Commons licenses that permit some degree of re-use).

That includes any data that we generate. Unless otherwise noted, data analysis presented on is licensed under CC-BY-4.0 (attribution is required to help spread awareness of our project and mission).

Contributing Data:

If you are interested in contributing data to the project, please use this form instead.

Data Sandbox Access

If you are a data analyst or researcher and would like to request complimentary access to our data sandbox environment, please complete this form instead.

All Other Queries

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