Data Resources On ImpactDB

Gathering data about impact and presenting it for viewing and analysis is the core of ImpactDB’s mission.

We gather data, create visualisations and share analyses all to try create a coherent picture of trends and projects in the world of impact.

We created this page to make it a little easier to find some of the resources that we’ve pulled together.

ImpactDB is a new project so expect this page (and site) to evolve over time.

Other Data Resources

Data Organisations

This directory lists a wide group of actors involved (in some way or another) at the intersection between ‘impact’ and data. This very broad group includes entities like software companies making compliance and reporting tools; global standard-setters; organisations involved in impact valuation. Filtering options are coming soon! Note: Geolocations are approximate.

Latest Analysis

Latest posts sharing recent datasets and tables from the world of impact investing. If you produce impact data and are interested in sharing updates about your projects please consider getting in touch.

Individual Charts

Individual data visualisations that were generated using Metabase

Statistics Repository

The statistics repository is an index we’re maintaining of individual statistics (we like calling them ‘datapoints’) that (collectively) help to build up a complete picture of where impact is standing globally. We’re working on adding filtering but for now this resource is best understood as a “first entry” page.


A directory of datasets and publishing initiatives that may be of interest to those involved in impact investing including the open data platforms of governments and supranational agencies such as the UN, EU, IMF, etc. The data standards page lists data conventions relevant to development finance, such as ISO standards.