Like that time when we put a sloth on the moon (but the World Cup was going on so you’re probably just hearing about it now)

We’ve developed artificial intelligence platforms capable of bringing our strangest mental images to life in mere seconds

We’ve perfected the development of electrical appliances whose sole purpose is to boil eggs more effectively

(No, really. Go on Amazon)

But … we’ve also created a climate crisis that threatens the very existence of our planet … including those who had nothing to do with creating it

Our societies have become more prosperous … but also starkly unequal. In 1965, the average CEO-to-worker pay ratio stood at 21 times. In some cohorts today, it’s more than 600 times.

Institute for Policy Studies

For all the rhetoric that’s been spoken over the years about furthering equality between nations, huge gaps still exist between countries – and the developed and less-developed world

While some nations create cutting-edge research programs, others grapple with widening access to basic literary

It’s almost as if the world itself were out of order

Impact is hard at work trying to find ways to make the financial system be part of the solution (for a change)

We just rounded up some data (and cute AI sloths) to help explain how

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