The Data Publication Journey

How and where we try to help on data’s epic journey from datapoint to insight

Step 1: Data Collection: Gathering Datapoints

Somewhere in the world right now, there’s an impact sloth hard at work holding a clipboard and gathering data in the field.

Probably not, but that’s the mental image we’re going to stick with.

When people run impact programs (like impact bonds) they extremely commonly gather data to monitor and assess the successfulness of the intervention.

Step 2: Data Collation: Unpacking & Polishing Our Data Store

After our data sloths return from their epic trip to the field, they have a suitcase full of data to sift through.

However, for data to be useful to analysts, it needs to be a bit more organised.

We might need to reference this data against previous datasets to assess historical trends, for instance.

We need to do a bit of housework before passing the data onto the next team members.

Data Liberation: Letting Our Data Go Free

As much fun as working with data is, it’s a lot more help when there are multiple brains looking at it.

Besides, if we’re dealing with public data, the taxpayer really owns it.

We share our dataset on a data publishing platform and make it available for anyone to download.

Data Publishing: Breaking It Down Just A Little

ImpactDB offers itself as a resource between the original publishers of data and those who might ultimately want to look more closely at it – like journalists but also the general public.

We try to gather useful datapoints and break them down so that they’re easier to work with.