Sharing & Attribution Terms Of Use

The Impact Database (ImpactDB) is a data publishing project intended to stimulate interest in datasets related to the world of impact investing. It is a non-profit venture.

The Impact Database is made available under CC BY 4.0 DEED (Attribution 4.0 International). You are free to (re)use any data visualisations and artefacts created on this website so long as appropriate attribution is provided to the Impact Database (for visualisations) and the original data authors. You can view some template attributions here.

ImpactDB presents datasets and analysis and visualisations of datasets as a public good.

The source data is either provided by the original data-collecting entities or reproduced data that was made available in the public domain, for example by governmental bodies.

Although ImpactDB makes every effort to ensure the integrity of any data visualised or analysed, ImpactDB offers no legal warranty as to the accuracy of the data presented on this website.

We recommend that those using the data for academic or journalistic reporting should verify the data findings with the original data authors (look through the ‘data authors’ category to find points of contact at data-producing organisations).