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Name: Impact statistics and forecasts

Maintained By: The Impact Database (ImpactDB)

Sources: Open sources / internet

These data resources are “first entry” datasets comprised of individual statistics about important metrics in the world of impact – such as global AUM estimates by asset classes (and forecasts for those). These statistics might be referenced in other analyses. Individually they may not be that revealing, but taken together (and in broad context) they can help to paint a picture of how money is moving around the globe.

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Details Category Value Statistic Description Source Source Valid At Year Added To ImpactDB
Impact Investing $2.5 TN Global impact investing size estimate (2023) Estimation of global size of impact investing market Sir Ronald Cohen 02/11/2023 2,023 09/06/2024
Impact Investing $1.164 TN Impact investing - global size estimate (2022) Global sizing estimate as to the amount of capital invested according to what the authoring entity (GIIN) defines as impact principles The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) 12/10/2022 03/06/2024
Philanthropy $11.9 BN Major US philanthropic donations 2023 The cumulative donations of the 50 largest US donors for 2023 as calculated by Chronicles of Philanthropy Chronicles of Philanthropy 05/03/2024 2,023 05/03/2024
Sustainable Finance $3.4 TN Sustainable fund performance for 2023 Morgan Stanley's estimate as to "sustainable fund" volume reached by year end 2023 Morgan Stanley 28/02/2024 2,023 03/06/2024
SDGs $4 TN/year The SDG funding gap An estimate as to the global financing shortfall between current progress towards the SDGs and progress needed to be on target for the achievement of all 17 goals by their 2030 deadline UN Trade & Development Office 13/09/2022 03/06/2024
Philanthropy $499.33 BN American general philanthropic donations for 2022 Total philanthropic giving in the US during the financial year National Philanthropic Trust (citing Giving USA 2021 Annual Report) 31/12/2022 2,022 09/06/2024
ESG $120 TN/year Global AUM estimate An estimate as to how much money is invested in professionally managed investment vehicles around the world Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 15/05/2023 2,023 03/06/2024
Venture Capital $344 BN Global VC investment 2023 (value) Total value of VC investments in 2023 KPMG 24/01/2024 2,023 09/06/2024
Venture Capital $74.9 BN Global VC investment, Q4 2023 Global venture capital deal value KPMG 17/01/2024 2,023 09/06/2024

This table shares predictions and forecasts from various sources including the media, management consultancies, and elsewhere. To remain compliant with licensing requirements, closed/subscriber-only sources and datapoints are not shared.

Details Prediction Prediction Value Source Type Description Forecast Issued Source Source
ESG AUM by 2026 $33.9 trillion Management Consultancy Forecasted value of ESG AUM by the year 2026 10/10/2022 Price Waterhouse Coopers
ESG AUM by 2030 $40 TN News / Data Total ESG AUM by 2030 08/02/2024 Bloomberg
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