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Firstly, thank you for checking out this website!

This resource was built, in large part, to try to bridge the gap between the impact investing community and the world at large.

Not everybody agrees on how to make the world a better place — those of us working in impact investing included.

But we share a common desire to change the status quo that has put our planet on an unsustainable trajectory.

This website is a modest initiative which was borne out of a desire to curate and share the data that we do gather — irrespective of how small it might be.

The tool that you’re in is a data exploration portal (usually used for business intelligence). You should be able to access and query the data that’s available here.

Because this is a small volunteer effort, it’s unlikely that we’ll have time to constantly verify that the data presented is updated — although we trust that those providing the data made those efforts at the time of its collection.

We would suggest that if you stumble upon any big findings to get in touch with the data-authoring entity (if a point of contact isn’t listed, there’s a good chance we know the right person).

If you’re happy that the data is sound, we encourage you to report on it. No restrictions are attached to using any graphics generated with this tool (or generated by others) whether for editorial use or otherwise.

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