Embedding Data Elements From Metabase

If you feel like getting behind the cause of encouraging the analysis of impact data — and discussions around it — one way to take this data out into the big wide world is to embed them externally.

This short note is intended to provide a quick guide to how to do just that.

The first of these buttons (labelled: 1) provides a link to download the raw data from the visualisation (a range of formats are provided including CSV and XLSX). If you would like to further analyse the data in a spreadsheet program, you can pull it out of the system right here.

To the right (labelled two) is a button which will allow you to embed the data frame into a website.

If we click on the public sharing button, we’ll be taken to this dialog:

You can choose to lock the download/export format to a certain type as well. Or just get the public URL:

Finally you can access a HTML iframe which will allow you to embed this into a website:

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