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Name: Impact Bonds Dataset (INDIGO)
Details: This dataset is a reproduction of the projects dataset compiled by INDIGO which tracks the global issuance of impact bonds.

This data table is periodically refreshed from the source data.

The last refresh occurred on: 14/06/2024

Available Filters:

We have added the following filters on top of the INDIGO data layer:

Stage: Allows filtering on the project stage as recorded by INDIGO.

Country: Allows for filtering based on the country (denoted as an ISO value).

USD: You can sort by USD amounts. Note: FX to USD is static and was done by INDIGO.

Data Disclaimer:

Like all data presented on The Impact Database, this data table is compiled and released on a best effort basis and made available in line with the terms of service set out in our general website disclaimer. We cannot (and do not) legally verify the authenticity and accuracy of data presented here. We advise those considering reporting upon finding contained herein to contact the projects mentioned here.

Country ISO lookup:

Countries are denoted as ISO 3166 values (two letter identifiers).

You can use this resource to find them:

ISO 3166 (Country Identifiers)

ISO 3166 is an international standard used for the identification of countries. Two and three letter abbreviations are provided.

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