Impact, Sustainability, And Data:
Mapping Intersectionality

ImpactDB’s impact data organisations directory lists a wide group of actors involved (in some way or another) at the intersection between ‘impact’ and data.

For full details about our taxonomy, see the about page for this listing page.

Not all of the entities produce data; but we see their missions as aligned, in various ways, with leveraging data to support evidence-based decision-making for the betterment of the planet.

In line with our mission as a non-profit, no enticement or remuneration was exchanged in receipt for any of these listings.

Please reach out if we’ve botched your organisation’s name (or some other detail). Hey, we’re all human (or impact sloths!). Please include the link to your listing in the email.

If you’d like your organisation to be included in this listing, please drop us a line. Include as many details about the type of data that you share as you are able to disclose.

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