Pay For Success Pipeline (INDIGO 03/24) – Geovisualisation

Notes: This data is a geovisualisation based upon INDIGO’s pipeline dataset imported during March 2024 (to exclude pipeline funds which have not reported a payments ceiling, the “payments ceiling” column has been filtered on > 1).

The PFS pipeline dataset is maintained as a separate data series to INDIGO’s main datasets and is based upon a survey conducted by Levoca Impact Labs with the support of the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

It’s important to note that INDIGO’s pipeline data captures both outcomes funds and impact bonds and that the dataset was collected between January and March 2022. Hence the data reflects a static snapshot of the PFS pipeline. An updated dataset is likely to become available during this calendar year (2024).

Despite these limitations, the data provides a visualisation of the PFS pipeline around the world.

Data Visualisation: Pay For Success Pipeline By Country

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